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Cucumber Clicker

What is Cucumber Clicker?

You begin with a single, solitary cursor and a single, clickable cucumber. Clicking the cucumber earns you coins, which can then be used to purchase upgrades that automatically generate more cucumbers. As you progress, you unlock new features, like additional vegetables to click and fantastical upgrades that take your cucumber-clicking operation to new heights.

The History of Cucumber Clicker

Released in 2013 by independent developer Dasoon ponyface Yoo, Cucumber Clicker quickly gained traction for its quirky humor and innovative idle gameplay. While seemingly simple at first glance, the game offers surprising depth, with complex upgrade paths and hidden secrets to uncover.

Tips for Clicker Domination

Here are a few pointers to get you started on your cucumber conquest:

Focus on upgrades that multiply your clicks per second. These will significantly boost your coin generation.

Don't neglect achievements. Completing them unlocks valuable upgrades and permanent bonuses.

Explore different upgrade paths. Experiment to find the strategy that works best for you.

How to Play Cucumber Clicker

Cucumber Clicker's gameplay is straightforward. You click the cucumber on the screen to earn coins. These coins are used to purchase upgrades that automate cucumber production. As your automated clicks generate more and more cucumbers, you unlock further upgrades and new mechanics, allowing you to expand your virtual cucumber empire.

But it's not just mindless clicking. The game offers strategic depth through upgrade choices and achievements to pursue.

Taking Control: Using Your Mouse and Keyboard

The game is primarily played with your mouse. Clicking the cucumber is the core action, while dragging and dropping upgrades allows you to place them strategically on the screen. The keyboard can be used for some shortcuts and to access menus.

How to play Cucumber Clicker

Using mouse and keyboard to play