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Overview of the 98xx Game

What is 98xx?

98xx is a unique exploration game that throws you into a recently unearthed computer operating system from the 90s. This isn't your typical game; it's an experience that delves into a lost digital age. You navigate through the cryptic interface of the 98xx OS, uncovering hidden files, glitching applications, and unraveling the secrets it holds.

History of the Formation of the 98xx Game

Developed by JacksonGameStudios, 98xx launched in 2023. It takes inspiration from the era of floppy disks and dial-up internet, capturing the essence of a bygone technological age. The game quickly garnered a cult following for its innovative concept and nostalgic atmosphere.

Who is the Founder of the 98xx Game?

JacksonGameStudios, the brainchild of a passionate developer known as JacksonG13, is responsible for bringing 98xx to life.

How to Play 98xx


98xx isn't about achieving high scores or conquering enemies. It's about exploration and discovery. You interact with the various programs and files within the 98xx OS, piecing together fragments of information and encountering unexpected glitches that hint at a deeper mystery.

Instructions for Using the Mouse and Keyboard When Playing

Using the mouse, you navigate through folders, open applications, and interact with on-screen elements. The keyboard allows you to input text commands, further enhancing the immersive experience of a genuine retro computer system.

How to play 98xx

Using mouse and keyboard to play