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Death By AI

Overview of Death by AI

What is Death by AI?

Death by AI is a party game unlike any other. It throws you into a world where a merciless AI judge controls your fate – and survival hinges on your ability to outsmart it with quick thinking and strategic decision-making. This online game injects a healthy dose of humor into the survival challenge genre, providing endless entertainment for friends, families, and fellow gamers.

Tips to Play Death by AI and Win

There's no guaranteed path to victory in Death by AI. However, here are some helpful tips:

Think creatively: The AI judge rewards out-of-the-box solutions. Don't be afraid to get silly with your escape plans.

Utilize humor: A healthy dose of humor can go a long way in swaying the AI judge's decision.

Learn from your mistakes: Pay attention to how other players approach scenarios, and adapt your strategies accordingly.

How to Play Death by AI


Death by AI thrives on simplicity. Players take turns facing a series of absurd scenarios presented by the AI judge. The scenarios often involve precarious situations or hilarious dilemmas. Your task? To devise a plan for survival and convince the AI judge of its effectiveness.

Instructions for Using the Mouse and Keyboard

The game primarily uses mouse clicks for navigation. You'll use your mouse to select your character, choose actions within scenarios, and interact with menus. While there are no complex keyboard controls, some players utilize the space bar to confirm selections.

How to play Death By AI

Using mouse and keyboard to play