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Chained Together

Overview of Chained Together

What is Chained Together?

Calling all adventure enthusiasts and teamwork champions. Prepare to be shackled virtually, of course to your fellow players in Chained Together, a cooperative climbing game that injects hilarity into the world of roguelikes. Navigate procedurally generated dungeons, overcome perilous obstacles, and most importantly, work together – because you're chained to your companions for survival.

Tips to Play Chained Together and Win

Communication is king in Chained Together! Here are some tips to conquer those dungeons:

Plan Your Jumps: Strategize jumps and movements to avoid tangling yourselves in the chain.

Utilize Different Skills: Each character might have unique abilities. Play to those strengths.

Embrace the Chaos: Sometimes, laughter and quick thinking are your best weapons against the dungeon's perils.

How to Play Chained Together


Chained Together thrives on teamwork and quick thinking. You and your fellow players delve into procedurally generated dungeons, each offering a unique labyrinthine world teeming with challenges. The twist? You're all tethered together by a virtual chain, adding a layer of hilarious chaos to your every move. Coordinate your jumps, strategize your movements, and avoid hazards – all while tethered to your companions!

Instructions for Using the Mouse and Keyboard

The game primarily utilizes the keyboard for navigation. Arrow keys control your character's movement, while the X key allows you to interact with objects. Mastering communication and coordination with your teammates is key to success.

How to play Chained Together

Using mouse and keyboard to play