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Cats Clicker

What is Cats Clicker? 

Cats Clicker is a casual, idle clicker game where you collect a variety of virtual cats. By repeatedly clicking on a cat image on the screen, you earn catnip, the in-game currency. This catnip is then used to purchase new cat breeds, upgrade existing ones, and unlock additional features.

Tips for Success: 

Here are some handy tips to become a Cats Clicker master:

Click strategically: Pay attention to the multiplier meter. Clicking during specific time intervals can increase your catnip earnings significantly.

Upgrade wisely: Prioritize upgrades that boost your catnip generation rate for faster progress.

Explore all features: Don't just click. The game offers additional mechanics like achievements and collections to keep things interesting.

Benefits of Playing Cats Clicker 

Cats Clicker offers several benefits beyond just virtual feline companionship. The simple gameplay provides a relaxing and stress-relieving experience. Additionally, the strategic elements can provide a sense of accomplishment as you build your cat empire.

How to Play Cats Clicker 

Engaging Gameplay: 

The core gameplay of Cats Clicker is straightforward. You click on a cat image to earn catnip. As you collect more catnip, you can purchase new cat breeds, each with a unique appearance and increasing catnip generation rate. This creates a satisfying loop of clicking, collecting, and expanding your virtual cat collection.

Simple Controls: 

Playing Cats Clicker requires minimal technical prowess. Simply use your left mouse button to click on the cat image. As you progress, keyboard shortcuts can be used to speed up certain actions.

How to play Cats Clicker

Using mouse and keyboard to play