Solitaire Sudoku

Sudoku Village

How great is your sudoku ability? In the new addictive Sudoku Village game, we want to present you an addictive game like Sudoku. A playing field will appear on the screen on which there will be square areas. In Sudoku, a 9x9 lattice is given with any previously filled measurements. To solve the puzzle, fill in the unfilled squares with any numbers 1-9. The puzzle ends when each line, section, and each 3x3 square inside the puzzle contains the numbers 1-9, with each number showing only once. You will have to distribute them evenly across all playing fields so that the numbers do not repeat anywhere. As soon as you do this, you will get points and you will move on to the next harder level of Sudoku Village game.

How to play Sudoku Village

A classic sudoku game