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What is PolyTrack Game?

PolyTrack is a low-poly racing game inspired by TrackMania. It's all about speed and precision as you race against the clock on challenging tracks filled with loops, jumps, and tight corners. Every millisecond counts as you try to shave seconds off your best time.

A Unique Polygonal Experience:

A Visual Treat: The Low-Poly Aesthetic

PolyTrack embraces a minimalist low-poly aesthetic. This unique visual style offers a clean, uncluttered view of the track, allowing you to focus entirely on mastering the racing line. While some might prefer hyper-realistic graphics, PolyTrack's charm lies in its focus on pure, unadulterated gameplay.

Immersive Soundscapes Fuel the Race

PolyTrack's sound design complements the gameplay perfectly. An energetic soundtrack pumps up the adrenaline as you navigate the track, while realistic car sounds and environmental effects immerse you in the racing experience.

Standing Out from the Crowd

While other racing games might focus on multiplayer competition or elaborate storylines, PolyTrack sets itself apart with its pure time trial focus and low-poly aesthetic. This unique combination caters to players who crave a skill-based challenge and a minimalist visual experience that prioritizes gameplay above all else.

Gameplay PolyTrack:

PolyTrack is a time trial racing game. You won't be racing against other players, but against your own best time – or ghost – as you try to complete the track in the fastest time possible. Each track is unique, featuring jumps, loops, and other obstacles that challenge your driving skills.


Steering: Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to steer your car.

Restarting: Get stuck or crash? Press R or Enter to reset your position on the track and try again.

How to play PolyTrack

Using mouse and keyboard to play