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Mahjong Firefly

Mahjong Firefly is an exemplary mahjong game with a few catalysts to help your playing. You need a mouse to play this game, so click the play button on the primary menu to begin. You will probably clear the load up in each level by coordinating with indistinguishable tiles as quickly as possible. To choose a cell, just snap on it and afterward track down the coordinating with cell. Tapping on the subsequent one will eliminate cells from the board and you will acquire focuses. You are likewise enabled with strange exceptional tiles to help you progress through testing levels. Attempt to discover tiles with an hourglass shape on them. Eliminating these will give you extra seconds. You can check how long you have from the highest point of the screen. Investigate the game and play with every one of them!

How to play Mahjong Firefly

Left mouse button to choose the tiles.