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Lucky Golden Piggies

Lucky Golden Piggies is a great game to observe Chinese New Year. The stash, a worldwide image for karma, richness and flourishing. Snap and join to combine charming stashes and get more coins from them! In this game you are clicking and tapping your approach to wealth by combining piglets. Swipe to combine two of the equivalent pigs on the framework. Allow them to gather coins to purchase new piglets in the shop. Make a point to gather more coins by finishing extraordinary accomplishments. Discover what happens when you combine two indistinguishable stashes. You can come to the last golden pig.

How to play Lucky Golden Piggies

Click or tap rapidly to fill the grid with piggies. Swipe to merge two of the same piggies on the grid. Let them collect coins to purchase new piggies in the shop. Make sure to collect extra coins by completing the special achievements.