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Egg Clicker

What is the Egg Clicker?

Egg Clicker, at its core, is a clicker game. Players begin with a single, solitary egg on the screen. Clicking on this egg yields more eggs, and so begins the relentless pursuit of ever-increasing egg production. Developed by programmer Samuel Ortwin Candela in 2013, the game quickly gained a cult following for its minimalist design and surprisingly deep progression system.

A World of Quirky Charm

Egg Clicker's visuals are delightfully simplistic. The game utilizes basic 2D graphics with a cartoonish aesthetic. The charm lies in the ever-evolving background scenery and the menagerie of increasingly outlandish creatures players unlock as they progress. The game's soundtrack is equally minimalist, featuring a lighthearted loop that seamlessly blends into the background.

What truly sets Egg Clicker apart is its sheer absurdity. The game takes a simple concept and pushes it to its logical extreme. From croissant-launching chickens to universe-cracking wrinklers, Egg Clicker revels in the nonsensical, creating a unique and humorous experience.

More Than Just Clicking

Beyond the sheer entertainment value, Egg Clicker offers some surprising benefits. The idle nature of the game allows players to make progress even while they're away from their computers. This can be a great way to unwind after a long day or take a mental break during work. Additionally, the strategic elements of the game can help develop critical thinking and planning skills.

Clicking Your Way to Egg Supremacy

While the core mechanic of clicking the egg may seem shallow, Egg Clicker offers a surprising amount of depth. As you accumulate eggs, you can purchase chickens to automate egg production. These chickens, along with a menagerie of other fantastical creatures, can be further upgraded to boost their egg-laying efficiency. The game unfolds through a series of prestige levels, where players can "crack the piggy bank" and reset their progress in exchange for permanent upgrades that unlock new content and hens.

Egg Clicker's controls are delightfully straightforward. Left-clicking the egg is the primary action, while the right-click menu allows players to access upgrades, achievements, and prestige options. The keyboard primarily serves for navigating menus and entering text for naming achievements.

As you venture deeper into the game, strategic planning becomes crucial. Deciding which upgrades to purchase and when to prestige requires careful consideration. Online communities have sprung up dedicated to sharing strategies and min-maxing techniques, adding a layer of social engagement to the solitary clicking experience.

How to play Egg Clicker

Using mouse and keyboard to play