Solitaire Sudoku

Join Ducklings to have loosening up minutes, then, at that point you will be a duck. Swim around and salvage however many ducklings as you can. Risks resemble wild boatmen that will surge at you and end your objective rashly. Arrive at the objective and form your home into the ugliest bird's home in the cove. By getting a greater house, you will likewise open more clever caps. Gather every one of the 50 caps! You can switch your appearance by covering around close to your home. Hotshot your home by welcoming companions to your lake! There's no restriction to the quantity of companions you can welcome, so enroll the biggest multitude of ducks you can. Watch out for subtle ducks and ensure you don't get hit by a boat. On the off chance that you get hit by a boat, the game is finished!

How to play

Move your mouse to make the duck swim.You can also use WASD or the arrow keys.