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Drunken Tug War

Drunken Tug War is a very fun tug-of-war sporting event. Step into the ring and hold one side of the rope with your solid arm. The point of the game is to pull the rope as quick as could really be expected and pull the adversary towards you. When the round begins, press the W key as fast and however many occasions as you can. You can see the wellbeing bars at the highest point of the screen. Green radioactive region in the center player. Each time you contact this region, your wellbeing bar will diminish. Press the keys as quick as possible and drag the rival. Drunken Tug War has 1P and 2P modes. The principal individual to score 5 in the match dominates the match! Do you imagine that individual will be you? Begin playing now and discover!

How to play Drunken Tug War

Player 1: "W" Player 2: "UP ARROW"