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Crazy Little Eights

Crazy Little Eights is an energizing on the web rendition of the well known game, Crazy Eights. The fundamental principles are straightforward and simple to learn. Since a wide range of varieties of the game are played, a great deal of the guidelines can be changed in the rendition. You will probably eliminate the entirety of your cards. You can play with a card of a similar position or match with the card on the middle heap. You can likewise play with eight. Subsequent to playing with eight, you can change which suit to play with. On the off chance that the principal card on the table is eight, you can begin playing with any card. You can choose different cards, however they all should have a similar position. That is it. Have a great time!

How to play Crazy Little Eights

Tap the card to select it (you can select multiple cards). When you're done, tap the check-mark button to make a move. Use the sort button (in the left corner) to sort cards by rank or suit.