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Atari Centipede

Atari Centipede is a much adored fixed-shooter arcade game. Players fight centipedes, bugs, scorpions, and insects, finishing a round subsequent to killing the centipede that overwhelms the battleground! Get by as far as might be feasible in this intriguing game! Bug shooters will shoot little darts at fragmented centipedes. Centipedes comprise of 10 to 12 body parts, including the head. Each fragment of the centipede will turn into a mushroom when shot. Every portion proceeds freely en route to you! Shoot him in the head, really at that time the centipede is annihilated. Wish you have a great time minutes while partaking in this entrancing game.

How to play Atari Centipede

Use the keyboard or mouse to move the blaster and shoot the centipede.