Solitaire Sudoku


5roll - Classic dice shot in the dark and expertise, with an ALL NEW vivid variety! Enter a round of dice poker, roll your dice and quest for sets, 3 sorts, full house and straight house. Roll the dice and choose which one to keep dependent on the scoring techniques recorded on the correct side of the screen. Check on the off chance that you can't pass your own possibility in 5 twists! Extra reward and shading blend components add another layer of system and a contort to the interactivity! The number of focuses would you be able to procure ... enough to win the 10 High Score identification? You will not know until you attempt !

How to play 5roll

See if you have the hot hand today and roll for a high score in this classic 5-dice game. Try your hand at the poker of dice games, roll your dice and look for pairs, 3 of a kinds, full houses and straights. See if you can’t beat your own odds in 5 roll!